SHIRATORI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 

SHIRATORI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Client: SHIRATORI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Location: Narashino, Chiba
Completion: August 2018

Creating a foundation for medicine and health

Shiratori Pharmaceutical has succeeded in all kinds of drug development, from the manufacture of drug substances and intermediates to the purification of organic compounds and the development of health foods. They were planning to found a new R&D facility to develop generic drugs and high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients that are raw material for anti-cancer drugs for the next 100 years.

Under the design of PLANUS INC. (Senior registered architect office) specializing in the design of laboratories, we have supplied all kinds of equipment, such as fume hoods, large benchtop fume hoods, laboratory furniture, sinks, etc. We are also particular about the details such as color coordination and original pictograms stimulating the sensibilities of researchers.