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For a safe and wonderful experience

In order to offer a safe and comfortable research environment for those who challenge the development of new technologies in a safe laboratory.
For a suitable and prosperous society that is achieved by the new technologies.
We will develop and manufacture unprecedented laboratory equipment
to make our missions come true.

Fume Hood

Fume Hood

Ensures the safety, workability and comfort of researchers from chemicals.
Meets the needs of researchers with sophisticated design and quality in accordance with global standards and requirements.

Lab Furniture

Lab Furniture

Lab furniture is the core equipment of research, development and innovation.
The synergy of the quality following global standard and product design maximizes researcher's intellect and creativity.

Clean Facility & Equipment

Clean Facility & Equipment

Clean facilities are essential for the pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industry.
We provide clean rooms and other solutions vital to establish a clean environment.

Infectious Control Equipment

IAQ Solution

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has received increasing attention in recent years.
ORIENTAL utilizes the technology cultivated over many years in laboratory experience to solve IAQ issues.

Biotechnology Facility & Equipment


The biohazard systems is getting more important with the development of genetic engineering and regenerative medicine as well as the expansion of infectious disease testing and research.
We can propose highly controlled biohazard facilities and equipment.

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