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As a comprehensive engineering company for research facilities and equipment, ORIENTAL GIKEN INC. designs research facilities, renovates facilities as they age or as research themes change, and develops and manufactures research equipment and devices that make up the research space, thereby producing a comprehensive research environment.
We also support safe and comfortable operations after the facility opening, including working environment measurements to evaluate the safety of the research facility, and maintenance to protect researchers, the environment, and equipment from problems.

Explore new Sciencing Experience with us

Architectural design of research facilities


Architectural design of
research facilities

We manage the construction of research facilities that harmonize "architecture" and "equipment" through a partnership with PLANUS INC., the sole architectural design firm specializing in research facilities in Japan.
We provide a one-stop service for optimized laboratory design.

Renovation of research facilities


Renovation of
research facilities

As an engineering company specializing in research facilities, we create strategic restructuring of the R&D environment.

Development and manufacture of research equipment and devices


Development & manufacture of research equipment and devices

Our products are made with the highest level of safety, functionality, and ergonomics in mind, and with the utmost attention to detail. This is our "commitment" to manufacturing.

EHS Services


EHS Services
(Environment, Health, and Safety)

One of our missions is to maintain the safety of research facilities after they are put into operation.
Working environment measurements and equipment maintenance by research facility professionals protect our customers from various risks.

Rental Lab

Rental laboratory
X/S Worksite

X/S Worksite is an incubation center for startups, connecting people, technology, and capital. Leveraging the expertise and network cultivated as an engineering company specializing in research facilities, we provide an incubation environment for nurturing innovation.


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